Download FLV videos from

I use Ant Video Downloader for my flash video downloading needs.

It's available for firefox and internet explorer (not for chrome yet)

Haven't tried on CBC, but maybe VideoDownloadHelper (works on Firefox)?

if you use firefox i use this.

downloads ANYTHING that streams from firefox. 

YouTube 1080p downloading

For YouTube 1080p downloading, I use this Firefox add-on:
While it works fine, it has some annoyances, so I keep it disabled, and only use it for 1080p. It doesn't require Firefox to reboot when you enable/disable it.

YouTube seems to have changed something for their 480p videos, also.
This is what one add-on writes about 1080/480p videos:
- 480p and 1080p are no longer available as standalone videos downloaded from YouTube switched to adaptive streams, and uses separate files for video and audio, which need to be merged to get a video file.

How to download FLV videos from

I've used all 3:
- Orbit Downloader
- Ant Downloader
- Download Helper

and none of them are able to download the FLV from

From what I can tell, CBC serves up an advertisement in FLV, then it serves up a 1 second black screen in FLV format, then it serves up the video. Since the video is not the starting FLV, none of the video download managers is able to detect the second FLV stream.

Can someone else provide guidance?

Here is the original link to the CBC video:

How to download FLV videos from

Is someone able to download this video from It's just a MarketPlace video about how some companies try to screw us.

I've managed to filter the URL down to just this:

but since CBC serves up an advertisement before the video, I am having difficulty capturing the FLV stream.

Is anybody able to provide guidance? I'm using Orbit Downloader to try to capture the stream.

How to download FLV videos

This might be tricky at first, or maybe the first few times, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty quick.

For those vidoes you can't get the video IDs from, but have the episode IDs, try this:

In the URLs you posted mention the episode IDs(1721976, 1721977)

Append one of those IDs to the end of this URL:

Now for the "wolf watch" show (1721977), it works as intended.
It brings up a playlist of the episode, of all 4 clips.
The video ID for each clip is listed at the bottom of the page:

You would append these video IDs to the end of this URL:

(When you get your links from the XML pages, copy starting from /gps.alias/ to append to the final URL to watch/download)

MTV cuts their episodes into clips though, so in this case 4. So if you want to download this show you will have to download all 4 clips and join them together using some sort of mp4 joiner program to create a single seamless video.

Now for the actual episode (1721976), all I'm getting is a white page when I append the ID to the end of the URL above.
If I open up the browser console, I can see that the page is coming back "ACCESS DENIED". So they are intentionally blocking access to the playlist.

Download FLV videos from

Easy peasy.

RTMPDump and RTMPDumpHelper will do the trick for that video


RTMPDump (link)
Extract archive to folder on desktop (or anywhere).
RTMPDumpHelper (link)
Extract archive into the same folder.

Open rtmpsrv.exe (if it's first time windows firewall will ask for permission, allow it)
Command prompt should open saying streaming on rtmp://

Now open RTMPDumpHelper.exe
You should see two windows open, the dump helper and rtmpsuck.exe in another command prompt.
We aren't going to use rtmpsuck, so close the second command prompt.

Now go to your link (

In the first command prompt window (rtmpsrv.exe) you should see the file begin to download.
The file is located in the same folder as the files (bc-131111-Goble-victory-square.flv)


Edit: I should mention I am using Firefox to do all this. For whatever reason I can't get RTMPDumpHelper to attach properly to the chrome process to capture the rtmp stream.

How to download FLV videos from

It's super easy, so let me explain. This is using Firefox.

Here's a quick and fast version:

get video ID number from video page. Looks like 99XXXX in the URL.

Add ID to end of this URL:

Find the video bitrate URL you want.

Add everything after /sites/ from the video bitrate URL to this


Go to URL and right-click to save video to hard drive.

If you can't follow that, this is a more newb friendly step-by-step.

First you need a way to view videos on MTV.COM, because they block Canadians from watching content.

So either use a DNS service like Unblock-us or Uno Telly, use a proxy/vpn, or download and install the Media Hint addon for Firefox (link)

Once you got one of those up and running, go to MTV.COM and navigate to a video you want to save to your computer.

For this example I will use a random video from the most views music videos section.


Eminem ""Berzerk / Rap God" (Live)"

First thing you want to do now is copy down the video's ID number which is displayed in the URL. In this case it's 977609.

Now you append the video ID to this URL:


So with the video ID above you would end up with this URL:

Copy and paste it into your address bar and go.

Now you should be presented with an XML tree displaying all the available links for that video. Each link is for a different bitrate.

If you want the best bitrate you would scroll down until you see "1280x720" in the URL. This is 720p.

Now the entire URL will look like this:



but we don't want the entire link.

So starting right after /sites/, copy the rest of the URL to clipboard.

Now append it to the end of this URL:


So you would end up with this:

Now copy this link to your address bar and go.

Now the video should play in your browser(by the way, this also bypasses geoblocking). To save to computer right-click on the video and click save-as.

You've just downloaded a 720p video from MTV! Woot!


CBCNews app redesign FAIL redesign feedback update - Canada - CBC News

It has been a few days now since we relaunched and launched the CBC News mobile app. We've been using the time to gather and review your feedback and investigate — and fix — issues that have arisen.

Our technical team did very extensive testing ahead of this launch, but no matter how much testing is done, it is common with a change of this size to come across issues once a site is actually live and is being used by a large number of people.

Rachel Nixon, director of Digital Media, CBC News.
I'd like to give you an update on some of the questions and themes that have emerged from your feedback over the past few days and outline what action we are taking.

I'll start with the website and move on to the mobile app.

There were several main themes relating to the font size we use in our secondary headlines, the colour of the headlines, as well as how to change text size onscreen.

Headline colour: Accessibility was a focus throughout the redesign of As part of our development process, key pages of the site, including the homepage, were extensively reviewed by a user who is visually impaired, using a screen reader. We also ensured that visual elements of the site were reviewed for accessibility. We verified the link colour contrast on the site with an accessibility tool called a colour contrast analyzer, provided by WebAim. The link colour used at launch (#275d89) does comply with universally accepted accessibility standards based on Web Content Accessibility Guide (WCAG 2.0). However, we have slightly increased the contrast to improve visibility and we are now using #115278 as a link colour.



For some months, presumably since some update or other, I have been unable to get CBC Player to play videos: they appear to load but never actually start running. I have been through ALL the troubleshooting suggestions on the CBC and Adobe Flash Player websites, with no luck. A Google search shows that many other people cannot get CBC player to work either, but I haven't seen any solution to the problem posted. I have no trouble with the video players on the CTV and TVO sites, which also use Flash Player.

So what is different about CBC player? Of course it's impossible to get any technical help from the CBC, which is ridiculous enough in itself. Does anyone know the secret to getting this thing to work??? 


CBC updated their player a few months ago to block ad blocker add-onsyou have to disable it in order to watch the videos. Its design that if you want to watch their videos, you'll have to watch their ads first. Don't be surprise that CTV or Global updating their site with this feature in the near future.