How to download FLV videos from

It's super easy, so let me explain. This is using Firefox.

Here's a quick and fast version:

get video ID number from video page. Looks like 99XXXX in the URL.

Add ID to end of this URL:

Find the video bitrate URL you want.

Add everything after /sites/ from the video bitrate URL to this


Go to URL and right-click to save video to hard drive.

If you can't follow that, this is a more newb friendly step-by-step.

First you need a way to view videos on MTV.COM, because they block Canadians from watching content.

So either use a DNS service like Unblock-us or Uno Telly, use a proxy/vpn, or download and install the Media Hint addon for Firefox (link)

Once you got one of those up and running, go to MTV.COM and navigate to a video you want to save to your computer.

For this example I will use a random video from the most views music videos section.


Eminem ""Berzerk / Rap God" (Live)"

First thing you want to do now is copy down the video's ID number which is displayed in the URL. In this case it's 977609.

Now you append the video ID to this URL:


So with the video ID above you would end up with this URL:

Copy and paste it into your address bar and go.

Now you should be presented with an XML tree displaying all the available links for that video. Each link is for a different bitrate.

If you want the best bitrate you would scroll down until you see "1280x720" in the URL. This is 720p.

Now the entire URL will look like this:



but we don't want the entire link.

So starting right after /sites/, copy the rest of the URL to clipboard.

Now append it to the end of this URL:


So you would end up with this:

Now copy this link to your address bar and go.

Now the video should play in your browser(by the way, this also bypasses geoblocking). To save to computer right-click on the video and click save-as.

You've just downloaded a 720p video from MTV! Woot!


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