Download FLV videos from

Easy peasy.

RTMPDump and RTMPDumpHelper will do the trick for that video


RTMPDump (link)
Extract archive to folder on desktop (or anywhere).
RTMPDumpHelper (link)
Extract archive into the same folder.

Open rtmpsrv.exe (if it's first time windows firewall will ask for permission, allow it)
Command prompt should open saying streaming on rtmp://

Now open RTMPDumpHelper.exe
You should see two windows open, the dump helper and rtmpsuck.exe in another command prompt.
We aren't going to use rtmpsuck, so close the second command prompt.

Now go to your link (

In the first command prompt window (rtmpsrv.exe) you should see the file begin to download.
The file is located in the same folder as the files (bc-131111-Goble-victory-square.flv)


Edit: I should mention I am using Firefox to do all this. For whatever reason I can't get RTMPDumpHelper to attach properly to the chrome process to capture the rtmp stream.

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  1. I use Allavsoft to download video from
    Here is the easy gudie from
    I like its batch download and directly download video from to any video format like flv, mp4, avi, mp3, wmv etc