Blank MP3 sounds

I was a little surprised at just how hard it is to find blank MP3s. So I decided, if nobody else is offering them, I might as well. A silent mp3 can have a number of uses, such as the following:
  • Use silent mp3 ringtones to mute certain cellphone events without muting everything. Eg. mute calls but not texts
  • Insert some delay between consecutive songs on a playlist
  • Rename them to popular song names and send them to someone as a joke
  • Pretend they’re blank cassette tapes and reminisce about the days when people used blank cassette tapes
  • Test music-visualization-thingies on an empty input
  • Ponder the silence and achieve Zen enlightenment
So here you go, some blank mp3′s for whatever reason you might need them Remember Uncle Ben’s timeless advice: With silent mp3 comes silent responsibility!
How do you download from here?
 Right click and save as (eg: "blank.mp3")

I originally had the ambitious idea of programming a dynamic mp3-creator so that you could specify whatever length you wanted and have it generated on the fly. Then I found out that, despite its common usage, this file format is highly proprietary and there are a billion greedy patent squatters circling overhead like vultures, and besides that, it’s a pretty complicated file format to program, which makes sense since it deals with tons of acoustics. So in the end I decided to take the easy way out and just generate the above files using Audacity.

 Please enjoy
-Note: These sounds are best listen to at top volume.